Best Portable Speakers for the Presentations

Public speakers know that to keep their audience entertained and paying attention, they must be easily heard. Unfortunately, using low-quality speakers can greatly impede the ability of a public speaker to make his or her point.

For this reason, every public speaker needs to make sure that they invest in high-quality speakers that are not only easy to use and to set up, but also offer great sound at all times. Therefore, the next gadgets for the presentation we are going to talk about, are portable speakers.

Best Portable Speakers for the Presentations

ANKER Soundcore Boost

Portable speakers often don’t have the best bass and deep throbbing sounds that people want to hear from their music, but that is one place where this ANKER speaker really shines. Not only does it offer regular sound and impressive highs and lows, but with the touch of a button, listeners can enjoy enhanced audio and bass.

The speaker charges easily and allows users to listen to music or other sounds for up to 10 hours, making it great for a public speaking performance. It is easy to power and to charge, thanks to the external USB port.

Its long battery life, as well as its fast charging time, make it ideal for back-to-back public speaking events or for all-day events.

Thanks to the NFC connectivity that this speaker offers, it’s incredibly fast and easy to pair it with other devices. This reduces the chance of a public speaker running into problems when using this speaker on the stage. It pairs quickly and easily with most devices, making setting up a computer and other equipment for a presentation faster than ever before.

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JBL Flip

Public speakers who will be working in outdoor locations will love that this small and highly portable speaker is waterproof. Thanks to the durable chassis and high-quality construction of this speaker, it is able to easily stand up to use in wetter locations outside. This is perfect for public speakers who won’t cancel the events that they have booked just because of some bad weather.

It offers 12 hours of playtime when used at a low- or mid-volume, which is generally more than enough time for a public speaker to finish his or her presentation and wrap it up. This speaker is great for broadcasting music and speech, and it is exceptionally clear and offers a sound that is easy to understand.

The buttons on the top of the speaker make it easy to control playback and are highly responsive. This means that this JBL speaker is not very likely to fail when used on stage for a performance.

Thanks to how responsive the speaker is and how easy it is to control, it’s great for all public speakers. Additionally, the included protective travel case ensures that the speaker isn’t damaged when on the road.

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Sony SRS-XB32

This portable speaker is great for public speakers who want to add some flash and visual interest to their time on the stage. It has a sleek design that offers optional multi-colored flashing lights to add spice to the event. By downloading the Fiestable app, you can easily control the lighting on their speaker to add emphasis and fun to your presentation.

Since there are three different playing modes to choose from, it’s easy to choose the mode that offers them the best sound quality.

  • The extra bass mode is great for producing deeper low ends.
  • The live sound mode is ideal for public speakers and produces a clear sound that is very pleasant.
  • The standard mode is great for use in larger venues, as the bass is cut and the sound travels well.

The fast charging time and impressive battery life make it easy to enjoy using this speaker without a lot of extra cords. This speaker was built to be taken on the go and used for long periods of time. It boasts an incredible 24-hour battery life and can be connected with other Sony wireless speakers. This makes it possible to set up a speaker chain of up to 100 speakers for impressive sound.

Portable speakers make it very easy for a public speaker to ensure that they can be heard, even in a large venue. Finding the speakers that are the right size and are easy enough to use is key for any public speaker to ensure that he or she can make an impression on their audience.

These three great options are all wonderful choices for any public speaker who is looking to make his or her mark.

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