Best Laptop Briefcases for Public Speakers

Maybe you gave the best gadgets for the presentation in the world but you probably need a good bag to be able to take your accessories with you when you head out for a speaking engagement.

Not only do you have to worry about having your gadgets for the presentations be easily accessible, but you also need to make sure that it will not be damaged during transit. Having the right laptop briefcase ensures that a laptop (and other gadgets for the presentation) is secure and safe for any trips.

Best Laptop Briefcases for Public Speakers

Taygeer Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch, Business Briefcase for Men and Women

Even though this is a very slim laptop briefcase, it’s designed to offer plenty of storage inside for anything that a public speaker needs. It’s roomy enough to easily accommodate a bottle of water, any cords, as well as adapters and folders with physical presentation materials.

Thanks to the secure Velcro strap that holds the laptop in place inside of the briefcase, there is very little chance of it coming loose and being damaged when on the go. The handles also Velcro together so that they are easy to carry, although the bag is easy to open when accessing the laptop.

With durable zippers around the bottom of the bag to expand the inside storage, as well as zippers along the top and a water-resistant nylon exterior, this bag is designed for use on the go in any weather.

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KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase

One key design of this laptop briefcase is that it features an angled shoulder strap to prevent the bag from falling off when the wearer is on the go. Additionally, it features a number of internal pockets, making it very easy to separate items and quickly find them.

Thanks to the lighter gray color of the interior, black cords, thumb drives, and other items easily stand out.

With plenty of padding, this briefcase remains comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, while still offering ample protection in case the laptop is knocked against a hard object when in transit. Additionally, the pockets offer RFID protection, ensuring that personal information is kept safe from identity thieves and allowing this briefcase to function dually as a purse, as well.

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Laptop Bag for Women, 15.6 Inch

Rather than opting for a laptop briefcase that doesn’t look at home with an attractive outfit, women who need to take their laptop with them on the go will love the chic and classy look of this option.

The grained eco-leather is incredibly versatile and available in a few different colors, making it easy for women to choose the option that will work with their outfits.

The minimalist shape is attractive and sleek and features top handles that are durable and securely attached. With an adjustable shoulder strap, it’s easy for women to easily carry their laptop, wallet, and other accessories.

The thick padded foam sections of the bag, as well as the multiple compartments and pockets, make it easy to take items on the go without worrying about their safety or them being damaged.

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MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag (for 13-13.3 laptop)

Unlike some laptop bags that are incredibly bulky and difficult to carry when traveling, this bag offers great protection without being too thick. The large capacity of the bag is easily expandable via a bottom zipper and features multiple pockets so that users can separate their belongings when on the go.

The large main pocket is perfect for holding a laptop while the smaller pockets are ideal for accessories, a cell phone, wallet, and more.

There are three layers to this bag, providing incredible protection. The outside layer is made from polyester and is spill-resistant. The middle layer has a shockproof sponge to protect the laptop, while the inside of the bag features a soft internal cushion that is made from polyester. With a padded strap and carrying handles, this is a versatile bag.

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FYY 12-13.5″ [Premium Leather] Laptop Sleeve Case

The curved shape of this laptop briefcase offers great protection to the edges and corners of the laptop so that it isn’t damaged. Additionally, the interior is very soft and fluffy, which helps to protect the laptop, as well. With a band-strap as well as an extendable handle, it’s easy to carry this laptop briefcase in the most comfortable way.

Unlike many laptop briefcases that only have a top zipper that opens along the top, this case has a 360-degree zipper. This makes it possible to open the case all of the ways so that putting the laptop in or taking it back out is incredibly fast and easy. This also makes it easier to organize the items that are in the case and to slide them into the various slots.

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Wowbox Messenger Satchel Bag for Men and Women

Made from high-quality, high-density canvas and premium leather, this satchel is made to last while still having a unique and rugged appearance. The laptop compartment shuts with a Velcro closure and features an embedded pad that absorbs a lot of shocks. Even though the appearance is the first thing that a lot of people notice about this bag, its roomy size is one of its best features.

The inside space has enough room not only for a laptop but also for any other electronics, accessories, cords, and papers that need to be taken to a public speaking event. It can easily be worn as a leather shoulder bag, a crossbody bag, or carried as a briefcase, depending on the straps used and how the speaker wants to carry the laptop bag.

No matter the size of a laptop, it’s easy to choose the best laptop briefcase. Make sure to consider not only the size of the laptop and the briefcase, but also whether or not the case is durable, offers plenty of padding and protection, and if it is comfortable and easy to carry.

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