The top 27 Gadgets for Presentation and Public Speaking

The top 27 Gadgets for Presentation / Best public speaking accessories

What do you think of when you picture yourself up on stage giving a speech? You may mentally plan out your movements, your mannerisms, and your speaking points, but how much thought have you given to your tech? The gadgets for the presentation you plan to use on stage can make all the difference when it comes to delivering a successful presentation. And I can tell you from experience that the right equipment can make or break a speech.

PowerPoint presentations, accessories for your laptop, and adequate video cameras can all come together to help you give a more powerful speech to your audience members. And the right accessories are absolutely essential in order to advance from an amateur to a professional speaker.

So, let’s dive and see what are the best public speaking gadgets we can recommend.

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Best Computer Mice for the Presentations

Public speakers who use a computer during their presentation need to be able to act quickly when showing a document, photograph, or video. While a high-quality computer is an important piece of equipment for any public speaker, these professionals also need to have a great mouse that they can depend on.

Not only does the mouse need to be incredibly responsive, but it also needs to be intuitive so that the speaker can focus on what he or she is saying without having to worry about whether or not the equipment works the way it should.

#1 Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse

Being able to scroll easily when giving a performance or a presentation is important, and this mouse makes this simple. Thanks to the free scroll setting on the mouse, users giving presentations won’t have to worry about whether or not what they show on the screen will be jerky.

It’s designed to move smoothly, and since the wheel can’t be easily bumped due to its weight, there is very little chance of making a mistake when giving a presentation.

Logitech is known for offering great side buttons on their mice so that users can set their mice to operate the way that they need them to. This mouse is no exception and makes it easy for users to designate custom actions for the buttons. Thanks to the location of the side buttons, they are very easy to press and don’t require a long stretch.

The thumb rest on this mouse is also a button, but it takes more force so that it is not accidentally hit. Like other great wireless mice, this one connects easily with most computers via Bluetooth. This feature makes it easy for users to set up their computer, mice, and keyboards without a lot of bulky wires.

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#2 Logitech M510 Wireless Computer Mouse

Thanks to the ergonomic shape of this mouse and the fact that it is a little bit larger than some other similar options, it’s great for adults who spend long hours public speaking and need a reliable mouse. The symmetrical design of the mouse is comfortable and ensures that this mouse works well for both left- and right-handed users.

Additionally, this mouse uses a nano receiver that then connects to a USB port, not Bluetooth, which means that pairing issues when the mouse is in use are very unlikely. Additionally, the mouse connects quickly and offers a secure connection, resulting in smooth movements that are easy to control.

With long battery life (up to 2 years) and a battery cavity that can easily accommodate rechargeable batteries, it’s easy to keep this mouse working its best.

Public speakers know that all sounds matter when they are talking to an audience, which is why so many people value the silent operation of this mouse. The mouse is incredibly quiet and doesn’t make a lot of noise, which means that users can be the start of the performance without worrying about their electronics drawing too much attention.

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#3 Type C Wireless Mouse

This is an incredibly quiet mouse that may look simple and basic, but it uses its simple design and ease of use to its advantage.

The clicks on this mouse are very quiet, which means that clicking the mouse won’t detract from a public speaking performance and cause the audience to lose focus. This is great for public speakers who are going to talk about sensitive topics and need to keep the attention of the audience. Therefore this mouse here is a really great gadget for the presentation.

Since this mouse comes with 2 dongles, it is easy to set up 2 computers to use with this mouse and switch between them without having to remove the dongle. With very smooth tracking and no delays, this mouse is designed to shine when used in live situations.

Public speakers who want a mouse that is easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of extraneous buttons that may get in the way will appreciate the streamlined design of this mouse and how easy it is to use. It has a built-in rechargeable battery as well as a power-saving mode. This mode turns off quickly and results in a highly responsive mouse when used for public performances.

Having the right mouse makes public speaking much easier and allows speakers to navigate and show information in their presentation easily. Any of these three great mice will make public speaking much more enjoyable and easier to do, thanks to how quickly they respond and how easy they are to use. 

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Best Video Cameras for Public Speakers

If we are talking about the best gadgets for presentation then we need to look at the video cameras. Every public speaker needs to have a great video camera that they can rely on when putting together a presentation. Having the right camera on hand makes it much easier to create a presentation that is convincing, interesting, and will keep the audience paying attention.

Without the right equipment, any public speaker will find that they can easily lose the attention of an audience and struggle to remain the star of their own performance.

#4 Sony HDR-CX440/B Full HD Video Handycam Camcorder w/Sony 16GB SD Card Bundle

This one here is probably my favorite gadget for the presentation. One of the key reasons that so many public speakers opt for this Sony video camera is how easy it is to use. Right out of the box, it can be used to take both still photographs and video, resulting in wonderful shots that easily add to any presentation and help bring the presentation to life.

The sharp 2.7″ clear LCD display makes it easy for users to record and to check what they are recording without worrying about the quality. Even when used outdoors, this screen produces clear and bright pictures that are very easy to see, making it a great camera for use in any location.

With a 30x optical zoom and 60x clear image digital zoom, this camera may not offer the best zoom on the market, but it is more than enough for most users. This makes it easy to create a video with zoom, helping to identify important parts in the video and to draw attention to various shots.

Not only does this camera come with great features, but it also ships as a part of a bundle, making it an ideal purchase for any public speaker looking for a camera, memory card, extra battery, tripod, and carrying case. Since the camera ships with all of the necessary equipment to get started using it, it’s great for real beginners.

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#5 Panasonic Full HD Camcorder HC-V180K

Public speakers who need to get a video or still photographs of other people that they will then use during their performances will love the tight zoom that this Panasonic video camera provides.

The 50x and 90x optical zoom means that users can easily enjoy tight headshots and close-ups at 200 feet without worrying about the picture quality becoming grainy or distorted.

One issue that a lot of video cameras have is a shortened battery life, but this camera offers an exceptional battery that is powerful enough to provide hours of recording. Not only is the battery designed to last for a long time, but the camera can still record when the screen is shut, further increasing battery life.

The microphone on this camera is powerful enough to pick up sound when interviewing other people or making a documentary. Even though it doesn’t accept an external mic input as some other video cameras do, the microphone is powerful enough for most users.

Finally, thanks to the ability of this camera to record incredibly sharp video, it’s great, not only for stills and slower shots but also for capturing speedy action. This makes it a great option for capturing sports, animals, and other live performances. The responsive touch screen LCD is easy to control and allows users to add filter effects, compose images, and more.

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#6 Sony HDR-CX405/B Handycam HD Camcorder w/ 32GB Deluxe Accessory Kit

This camera is ideal for any public speaker who wants to show video with interviews, live performances, or recording speaking. It really shines, thanks to its impressive external microphone that is not only powerful, but rechargeable, so it never fails when recording. It easily charges via a USB cable to make using the microphone simple.

Not only is there an exceptional external microphone on this camera, but it also has a powerful remote control. This makes it easy to take videos and photos all alone without relying on another person for support to help set up the shot and then control the camera.

With two rechargeable batteries included with this video camera, it’s easy to see how public speakers and other users won’t ever have to worry about running out of power. These batteries may be small, but they offer a lot of power, and each can be used for between 60 and 90 minutes before needing to be recharged.

This is a great video camera option for public speakers who don’t have any of the equipment that they will need to start recording themselves. It comes with not only the camera and external microphone, but also a bag, charging cable, and an adapter. This makes it a great choice for taking on the go and for beginners.

Finding the right video camera for a public speaker is easy when you consider the features that each camera has to offer, as well as how easy it will be to use. Every public speaker will have a varying level of comfort with different equipment, which is why it’s so important to strongly consider not only the final output that a camera can offer but also how easy it will be to use.

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Best Portable Speakers for the Presentations

Public speakers know that to keep their audience entertained and paying attention, they must be easily heard. Unfortunately, using low-quality speakers can greatly impede the ability of a public speaker to make his or her point.

For this reason, every public speaker needs to make sure that they invest in high-quality speakers that are not only easy to use and to set up, but also offer great sound at all times. Therefore, the next gadgets for the presentation we are going to talk about, are portable speakers.

#7 ANKER Soundcore Boost

Portable speakers often don’t have the best bass and deep throbbing sounds that people want to hear from their music, but that is one place where this ANKER speaker really shines. Not only does it offer regular sound and impressive highs and lows, but with the touch of a button, listeners can enjoy enhanced audio and bass.

The speaker charges easily and allows users to listen to music or other sounds for up to 10 hours, making it great for a public speaking performance. It is easy to power and to charge, thanks to the external USB port.

Its long battery life, as well as its fast charging time, make it ideal for back-to-back public speaking events or for all-day events.

Thanks to the NFC connectivity that this speaker offers, it’s incredibly fast and easy to pair it with other devices. This reduces the chance of a public speaker running into problems when using this speaker on the stage. It pairs quickly and easily with most devices, making setting up a computer and other equipment for a presentation faster than ever before.

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#8 JBL Flip

Public speakers who will be working in outdoor locations will love that this small and highly portable speaker is waterproof. Thanks to the durable chassis and high-quality construction of this speaker, it is able to easily stand up to use in wetter locations outside. This is perfect for public speakers who won’t cancel the events that they have booked just because of some bad weather.

It offers 12 hours of play time when used at a low- or mid-volume, which is generally more than enough time for a public speaker to finish his or her presentation and wrap it up. This speaker is great for broadcasting music and speech, and it is exceptionally clear and offers a sound that is easy to understand.

The buttons on the top of the speaker make it easy to control playback and are highly responsive. This means that this JBL speaker is not very likely to fail when used on stage for a performance.

Thanks to how responsive the speaker is and how easy it is to control, it’s great for all public speakers. Additionally, the included protective travel case ensures that the speaker isn’t damaged when on the road.

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#9 Sony SRS-XB32

This portable speaker is great for public speakers who want to add some flash and visual interest to their time on the stage. It has a sleek design that offers optional multi-colored flashing lights to add spice to the event. By downloading the Fiestable app, you can easily control the lighting on their speaker to add emphasis and fun to your presentation.

Since there are three different playing modes to choose from, it’s easy to choose the mode that offers them the best sound quality.

  • The extra bass mode is great for producing deeper low ends.
  • The live sound mode is ideal for public speakers and produces a clear sound that is very pleasant.
  • The standard mode is great for use in larger venues, as the bass is cut and the sound travels well.

The fast charging time and impressive battery life make it easy to enjoy using this speaker without a lot of extra cords. This speaker was built to be taken on the go and used for long periods of time. It boasts an incredible 24-hour battery life and can be connected with other Sony wireless speakers. This makes it possible to set up a speaker chain of up to 100 speakers for impressive sound.

Portable speakers make it very easy for a public speaker to ensure that they can be heard, even in a large venue. Finding the speakers that are the right size and are easy enough to use is key for any public speaker to ensure that he or she can make an impression on their audience.

These three great options are all wonderful choices for any public speaker who is looking to make his or her mark.

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Best Portable Thumb Drives and Hard Drives for Public Speakers

While you may spend weeks honing your presentation so that you can be sure that you impress your audience, without photographs, videos, or other graphics, you may fail to grab the attention of their listeners. Therefore let’s talk about next gadgets for the presentation – portable thumb drives and hard drives.

Public speakers need to be willing to invest in high-quality equipment and storage so that they always have their music, information, and outlines with them on the road. The right thumb drives and hard drives make it much easier for you to be prepared for any speaking opportunity.

#10 Samsung T5 Portable SSD 500GB or 1TB

This is the hard drive I have used for the last year and I have to say that one of the most incredible features of this powerful portable external drive is how fast it writes and reads stored information.

It features incredibly fast read and write speeds of up to 540 MB/s, which means that any user relying on this hard drive to provide them with their presentation won’t have to worry about whether or not they will suffer a major delay when opening files and documents.

Even though it offers impressive memory and blazing fast operating speeds, this external drive fits easily in the palm of your hand. The small size is perfect for people who are going to be going on the road and want to bring their memory drive with them without worrying about it taking up too much room. Being able to pack light is important when presenting, and this memory drive from Samsung makes that possible.

Since there aren’t any moving parts on this Samsung storage, there is very little concern over the storage being damaged if it is dropped. People who are always on the go will appreciate how hardy and durable this memory storage is, as it is very difficult, if not impossible, to damage it. This means that everything stored on the memory will be safe and that there is very little risk of information or a presentation being lost or damaged.

There is an optional password protection feature that users can set up if they are concerned about anyone trying to steal information from them when it is stored on this drive. The 256-bit hardware encryption is almost impossible to break, offering great peace of mind that everything stored on the memory will be kept safe.

Finally, Samsung knows the importance of being able to easily manage what is on memory storage from anywhere, at any time. That’s why this equipment works with Mac and PC software that makes it easy to change the password, get firmware updates, and access and edit stored information.

Since this is compatible with all devices and connects via USB Type-C to C as well as USB Type-C to A cables, all information is always within reach.

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#11 Samsung MUF-256AB/AM FIT Plus from 32GB to 256GB

Taking your presentations, documents, videos, and photographs on the go to be able to use them during a public speaking event is a great way to set yourself apart from other public speakers, and this compact USB flash drive is a great storage option for any user.

It fits on a key ring so that it won’t ever be lost when on the road. Also, even though it is a very small option, this drive is a shockingly powerful and therefore a very useful gadget for every presentation.

Not only is this USB flash drive incredibly portable and easy to hold on to, thanks to the included key ring that is designed as a part of it, but it also offers very fast file transfer speeds.

With transfer speeds of up to 300 MB/s and read speeds of up to 200 MB/s, it’s not the fastest option on the market, but it offers blazing speeds for handling videos and other documents. This doesn’t just mean that the documents and other information are written and saved quickly, but also that it can be recalled and accessed when in a hurry.

With backward compatibility, this flash drive is great for use with older equipment and computers as well as with newer computers. The backward compatibility means that it can be easily used with most computers and setups in any location. This is ideal for public speakers who don’t always know what sort of situation or setup they will encounter when they arrive for an event.

Thanks to the seamless fit that this USB flash drive offers, it can easily be left in a device permanently, if desired. It’s designed to fit smoothly against the device without risk of it being bumped or pulled out by accident. This instantly improves the storage of a device and offers immediate access to any files that are stored on this memory.

The small size of this USB flash drive as well as how easy it is to use for storage and accessing saved files make it a great option for the public speaker on the go who needs to bring all of their files and documents with them.

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#12 SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD

This is one of the most durable portable external storage devices on the market today, and it is tested to stand up to water, dust, and impact without being damaged.

The durable design and rugged chassis make it a great option for any user who is constantly on the go. Since this SanDisk external SSD is compatible with both Macs and PCs, it’s great for use by any public speaker and is perfect for taking to events where the computer is already provided.

Not only is it durable and easy to connect to almost any computer, but it is really small and able to fit in the pocket of a pair of jeans without being noticed.

The high-speed transfers that this SSD offers really help to set it apart from other available options and make it a great choice for any public speaker who is in a hurry and doesn’t want to wait on transfers.

The 550 MB/s transfer and read speeds allow you to access your files and documents with zero wait time. This is key when getting set up for a presentation, as no public speaker wants to fumble with their technology and struggle in front of a crowd.

Thanks to the impressive 1TB of storage, this SSD is large enough to handle years of photos and documents without running out of space. It’s perfect for the creative public speaker who wants to have access to sound files and videos to improve their performance and really be able to draw in and engage the audience.

While other similar SSD storage devices can easily overheat, one thing that this option is known for is running quickly and operating at very low temperatures. This means that even when it is used for an extended period of time, there is very little concern over it overheating and causing internal damage to the storage.

Rather than leaving things up to chance and hoping to have the information that they need for a presentation, public speakers can plan ahead with the right storage. Having a reliable thumb drive or hard drive is the best way to remain prepared for any public speaking opportunity. Reliable storage ensures that no information will be lost, allowing public speakers to enjoy peace of mind.

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Best Laptop Briefcases for Public Speakers

Maybe you gave the best gadgets for the presentation in the world but you probably need a good bag to be able to take your accessories with you when you head out for a speaking engagement.

Not only do you have to worry about having your gadgets for the presentations be easily accessible, but you also need to make sure that it will not be damaged during transit. Having the right laptop briefcase ensures that a laptop (and other gadgets for the presentation) is secure and safe for any trips.

#13 Taygeer Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch, Business Briefcase for Men and Women

Even though this is a very slim laptop briefcase, it’s designed to offer plenty of storage inside for anything that a public speaker needs. It’s roomy enough to easily accommodate a bottle of water, any cords, as well as adapters and folders with physical presentation materials.

Thanks to the secure Velcro strap that holds the laptop in place inside of the briefcase, there is very little chance of it coming loose and being damaged when on the go. The handles also Velcro together so that they are easy to carry, although the bag is easy to open when accessing the laptop.

With durable zippers around the bottom of the bag to expand the inside storage, as well as zippers along the top and a water-resistant nylon exterior, this bag is designed for use on the go in any weather.

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#14 KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase

One key design of this laptop briefcase is that it features an angled shoulder strap to prevent the bag from falling off when the wearer is on the go. Additionally, it features a number of internal pockets, making it very easy to separate items and quickly find them.

Thanks to the lighter gray color of the interior, black cords, thumb drives, and other items easily stand out.

With plenty of padding, this briefcase remains comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, while still offering ample protection in case the laptop is knocked against a hard object when in transit. Additionally, the pockets offer RFID protection, ensuring that personal information is kept safe from identity thieves and allowing this briefcase to function dually as a purse, as well.

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#15 Laptop Bag for Women, 15.6 Inch

Rather than opting for a laptop briefcase that doesn’t look at home with an attractive outfit, women who need to take their laptop with them on the go will love the chic and classy look of this option.

The grained eco-leather is incredibly versatile and available in a few different colors, making it easy for women to choose the option that will work with their outfits.

The minimalist shape is attractive and sleek and features top handles that are durable and securely attached. With an adjustable shoulder strap, it’s easy for women to easily carry their laptop, wallet, and other accessories.

The thick padded foam sections of the bag, as well as the multiple compartments and pockets, make it easy to take items on the go without worrying about their safety or them being damaged.

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#16 MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag (for 13-13.3 laptop)

Unlike some laptop bags that are incredibly bulky and difficult to carry when traveling, this bag offers great protection without being too thick. The large capacity of the bag is easily expandable via a bottom zipper and features multiple pockets so that users can separate their belongings when on the go.

The large main pocket is perfect for holding a laptop while the smaller pockets are ideal for accessories, a cell phone, wallet, and more.

There are three layers to this bag, providing incredible protection. The outside layer is made from polyester and is spill-resistant. The middle layer has a shockproof sponge to protect the laptop, while the inside of the bag features a soft internal cushion that is made from polyester. With a padded strap and carrying handles, this is a versatile bag.

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#17 FYY 12-13.5″ [Premium Leather] Laptop Sleeve Case

The curved shape of this laptop briefcase offers great protection to the edges and corners of the laptop so that it isn’t damaged. Additionally, the interior is very soft and fluffy, which helps to protect the laptop, as well. With a band-strap as well as an extendable handle, it’s easy to carry this laptop briefcase in the most comfortable way.

Unlike many laptop briefcases that only have a top zipper that opens along the top, this case has a 360-degree zipper. This makes it possible to open the case all of the ways so that putting the laptop in or taking it back out is incredibly fast and easy. This also makes it easier to organize the items that are in the case and to slide them into the various slots.

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#18 Wowbox Messenger Satchel Bag for Men and Women

Made from high-quality, high-density canvas and premium leather, this satchel is made to last while still having a unique and rugged appearance. The laptop compartment shuts with a Velcro closure and features an embedded pad that absorbs a lot of shocks. Even though the appearance is the first thing that a lot of people notice about this bag, its roomy size is one of its best features.

The inside space has enough room not only for a laptop but also for any other electronics, accessories, cords, and papers that need to be taken to a public speaking event. It can easily be worn as a leather shoulder bag, a crossbody bag, or carried as a briefcase, depending on the straps used and how the speaker wants to carry the laptop bag.

No matter the size of a laptop, it’s easy to choose the best laptop briefcase. Make sure to consider not only the size of the laptop and the briefcase, but also whether or not the case is durable, offers plenty of padding and protection, and if it is comfortable and easy to carry.

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Best Laptop Backpacks for Public Speakers

Having a good backpack for your public speaking accessories makes it easy to hold not only the laptop but also any other cords, accessories, gadgets for the presentation or gear that are necessary for the successful speech.

Choosing the right laptop backpack is easy when you take into consideration how much space you need for your public speaking accessories. Also, you should consider what kind of support and safety the backpack offers for your gadgets. This ensures that the backpack will not only keep the laptop safe, but it will be comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

#19 SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack

The deep airflow channel on this backpack helps prevent users from overheating when they carry it and enables them to keep track of all of their belongings and items that they need.

It’s very comfortable, thanks to this channel in addition to the thick straps and how flexible they are. The seams are flexible and move with the wearer, preventing the backpack from feeling too stiff.

The large pockets are deep and incredibly roomy, which means that it’s easy to bring a lot of items in the backpack. There are also dividers inside the backpack that can be used to organize folders and papers and keep everything neat for transport.

With smooth zippers that are easy to operate as well as a scan smart lay flat pocket, it’s easy to open the backpack all of the way to put items inside. There’s plenty of room for larger laptops without them becoming cramped or being difficult to access. Additionally, the padded arm on the laptop pocket secures the computer.

Since this laptop is TSA friendly and designed to be easily used when traveling and flying, it’s a great option for any public speaker who must travel by plane to their events.

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#21 Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port

This roomy bag is designed to have plenty of support and protection for laptops and other electronics and to keep them safe when on the go.

While it’s not designed for use with a lot of thick books, it’s perfect for keeping electronics safe. When filled, the backpack sits neatly on the floor without falling over, reducing the risk of damage to electronics.

Not only is it easy to fill and offers plenty of support and protection for electronics, but this backpack has a USB charger on the outside as well as a built-in charging cable located on the inside of the backpack. This makes it easy to charge phones when on the go. The included headphone jack allows for easy listening to music or podcasts during travel.

The water-resistant polyester exterior of this bag helps to prevent any damage from occurring to the contents and offers great protection during damp weather and storms. With high-quality metal zippers that are smooth and tight, there is very little chance of water getting into the backpack.

There are multiple pockets in the backpack as well as hard padding along the back, which prevents anything sharp or hard from digging into the person’s back when they wear the backpack.

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#22 Tocode Durable Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

The rugged appearance and the durable cloth used in the construction of this backpack help it stand up to regular use without damage. There is plenty of padding not only in the backpack itself but also in the straps, which ensure that it is comfortable to carry the backpack, even when it is full.

Unlike some backpacks that don’t offer a lot of protection, this option not only has several layers so that items can’t easily be stolen but also has a password lock. This lock is great for keeping valuables safe inside the bag. Other items that need to be easily and quickly accessed can be stored in net pockets on the outside of the backpack.

The breathable mesh padding on both the shoulder straps and the back of the backpack help prevent the wearer from getting too hot when using this backpack. Additionally, the backpack has been made with a weight balance design, which works to make the backpack and its contents feel lighter.

The reinforced stitching on the backpack prevents the seams from pulling apart. This stitching gives wearers peace of mind when carrying heavy electronics and other items.

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Best Laptop Display Adapters for Public Speakers

On gadget for the presentation that is often overlooked is a good display adaptor. I mean a good and reliable laptop display adapter which makes it easy for you to ensure that everyone in the audience can easily see the presentation you’re showing.

Rather than trying to crowd everyone around a small laptop screen, an adapter makes it easy to show a larger display that is clear and easy to read. For this reason, sometimes (depending on the projectors) you need to invest in a high-quality laptop display adapter that is reliable and easy to use.

#23 USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter

Powerful enough to easily run both an external monitor and a laptop with USB devices plugged in, this multiport adapter is great for taking on the road, as it can be used in a wide variety of situations. Not only is it powerful and highly adaptable, which means that public speakers can rely on it to work no matter what setup they have, but it’s also very easy to use.

Even when it is run for long hours, this multiport adapter will not get very hot. It warms up slightly, but this is after a full day of use and won’t negatively affect how well the adapter works.

Thanks to how heavy duty the cord is, there is very little concern over the cord being bent and starting to fray, as it is flexible and coated to be heavy-duty and designed for daily use.

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#24 UGREEN Mini DisplayPort to HDMI VGA Adapter

From the moment it is plugged in, this adapter works correctly and operates quickly and it connects quickly and snugly to HDMI or VGA cables, making it easy to use a computer with either type of monitor when on the road.

The gold-plated terminals on this adapter are high-quality and are built to offer fast and easy connections without any loss in quality.

Thanks to the compact design of this adapter, it fits easily into the pocket on a laptop briefcase or in a backpack without taking up a lot of room. This is great for anyone who likes to travel light but needs to make sure that they still have all of the equipment that they will need for a presentation.

Additionally, this adapter works right out of the box without a lot of difficult and time-consuming setup.

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#25 Multiport 4-in-1 HDMI to HDMI/DVI/VGA Adapter Cable with Audio Output Converter

This adapter offers backward compatibility, which means that it can connect with both DVI-I and DVI-D signals without any delays or problems. It’s easy to broadcast videos, presentations, and photographs from a laptop to a TV or reverse the cable to watch TV on the laptop.

Additionally, it can be used to connect other HDMI devices such as an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Blu-Ray player, making it a great option for around the house as well as on the road.

The mesh jacket on the cable ensures that the cable is perfectly protected and also increases the cut resistance on the cable. This means that the cable is much less likely to be damaged either on accident or on purpose, which gives users peace of mind when traveling with the cable and relying on it for use during a public speaker performance.

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#26 4K Mini Displayport(Thunderbolt) to HDMI 6 Feet Cable with Audio, Mini DP Display Port to HDMI Converter (Adapter)

Since this adapter doesn’t suffer from any latency problems or delays when it is used to show video or presentation displays, it’s great for quickly setting up a public speaking event without worrying about the equipment not working.

Once the adapter is plugged in, and everything is set up, then the sound output automatically sets itself, which means that it really is a plug and play adapter that doesn’t require a lot of time-consuming setups.

The stiff cable can be difficult to bend and maneuver in certain situations, but it’s this extra stiffness that helps to keep the cable from breaking. It easily adapts a mini display port to an HDMI input so that presentations can easily be run from the computer and broadcast on a larger screen. Additionally, it supports an impressive resolution of up to 1920 x 1200.

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#27 AUKEY USB C Hub Adapter

This one here is one impressive gadget for the presentations. This hub makes it easy to connect multiple peripherals to a computer with just one adapter. Even with multiple peripherals connected to a computer, users will still be able to enjoy free ports on their laptop, making this a great choice for the professional public speaker who has a lot of accessories and equipment that he or she wants to use during a presentation.

Not only does it offer multiple ports for users to access, but it has a slim body that is very compact and designed to be easy to pack. The cord of this hub is extremely flexible so that there aren’t any concerns with it breaking or splitting.

Thanks to the impressive ventilation in this hub, there isn’t any chance of it overheating, although it will become warm to the touch. Additionally, it can transfer data through USB at up to 5 Gbps, which is more than fast enough for most speakers.

Any of these five great laptop display adapters are perfect for taking on the road. They make it much easier for public speakers to show their presentations and easily get their point across when talking to a group of people.

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Final Thoughts: Best Gadgets for Presentation / Best Public Speaking Accessories

Today, we have talked in-depth about a variety of accessories that can help you shine when you’re giving a presentation. If you have any other recommendations about public speaking accessories, please be sure to leave a comment for me.

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Who is Janek Tuttar?

My name is Janek Tuttar, and I am the founder and author of Speak and Conquer website.

I have been teaching public speaking at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences

Here, I am sharing the wisdom of how to cope in different public speaking situations.

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Janek Tuttar

Hi! My name is Janek Tuttar, and I am the founder and author of

I have been teaching and blogging about public speaking since spring 2007. Here, I am sharing the wisdom of how to cope in different public speaking situations.

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